“Stephanie is an exceptional leader who has revolutionized the social life of single professionals. She promotes moral values and self worth within Singles & The City - and that’s golden”.
— L.Marshall, Singles & The City Detroit
“I relocated from Miami and for a few years it was hard to make true connections. I was constantly home sick and questioned my move to Dallas. As I endured certain disappointments and a desire to be among like-minded people whom I can learn and grow with, I was invited to a movie watch party from a mutual acquaintance - and there I met Stephanie ( the founder), where she handed me a card and instantly I was comfortable, just natural!

As I became a Member and participated in more events and get togethers ,I honestly can say I made some wonderful friends! I truly love how we can fellowship and pray together..,I truly appreciate the true friendships that have been built. Being able to identify with women (and men) who dealt with what I dealt with or being able to minister to one another is truly inspiring, and I get to meet all kinds of people from various backgrounds and cultures!

I can’t say I signed up for Singles in the City, but more like a natural calling ... I just naturally felt like I was part of something great. I prayed long and hard for a change and just like that I’m in this group. I must say this group does meet a need in my life... I am always and forever appreciative for this amazing community! “
— Tharisa, Singles & The City Dallas

I  met some ladies at a volunteer event earlier this year,  they were so full of life and genuine! . This family/community was a great way to meet new people as I was re-located  to Dallas with my company.  Becoming a Member gave me a great way to connect with others when otherwise, I wouldn't have been given the opportunity." 

-Kendra, in Chicago


“Stephanie was the first friend I met when I moved to Dallas from NYC last spring. Through Singles & The City, she connected me to other young professionals living in the DFW Metroplex. My membership was like a social saving grace for me and definitely hipped me to some of the BEST spots D-town has to offer.”
— Imani, Singles & The City Dallas

"I linked up with Singles & The City through a friend while doing a travel work assignment and immediately felt apart of the family. It's almost impossible not to with Stephanie around, who's personality is so inviting. It's so great to see the group growing so quickly, and getting to know more people in the area from various backgrounds and races, as well as enjoying tons of events around the city I otherwise would not have known about. You can't find a more diverse group in the DFW."  - Dr. L. Bennett in Atlanta

“In a relatively short period of time, Stephanie has built a loyal community around Singles & The City, and has successfully expanded that brand across markets. What she does is simply genius - fueled by her command of technology and trends, Stephanie consistently delivers both content and experiences to an incredibly diverse group of people. Stephanie is the “secret” in the sauce for a lot a entrepreneurs, non-profits, agencies, small business owners, makers, artists and other creatives in Dallas. Stephanie Johnson is a leader in lifestyle branding and target marketing...she’s also a social media whiz.”
— Sammetria, Singles & The City Dallas
“I have known Stephanie Johnson for nearly 4 years. She is special. Her personality, her trustworthiness, her accountability and leadership are exemplary.”
— Jim Huntley CEO, Crunch Donut Factory