Our Vision

Dedicated to change.


Are you attracting the same type of person over and over again? Do your friends passify your shortcomings instead of challenge you to change? Do you know the root behind your decision making?

Self awareness is completely exposing yourself to truth no matter how uncomfortable it gets. Singles & The City is dedicated to the development of self-actualization in singles professionals.

Being single is more than dating, If you're smart - you're maximizing this time to become a healthy individual so that you can be a whole person. "You can't live average and want something rare".

Since 2014, the SATC community has remained the leading singles empowerment social club for single & dating Professionals in Dallas, Austin, Detroit, Los Angeles & Chicago. We understand that "there's more to being single - than dating". Our events empower you to become self-aware, get to the root of your issues, and fix them! Our community welcomes accountability and challenges that take them to the next level of success in every area of their lives. This isn't a movement - this is a mindshift.

Stephanie H. Johnson Founder & CEO, Singles & The City

Stephanie H. Johnson
Founder & CEO, Singles & The City